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Care & Cleaning Tips

Your window treatments will look better and last longer if they’re properly cared for. Many manufacturers provide cleaning and maintenance instructions for their products.


  • Some draperies and Roman or Austrian shades need “dressing” to train them into pleats or folds. To do this, smooth the fabric into place by hand as you draw the draperies or raise the shades. Eventually, the treatment will form precise pleats or folds on its own. For a quick way to train draperies, see the drawing at the right.


  • Most drapery and curtain material need to be dry cleaned, but do so infrequently since harsh chemicals can harm the fabrics.


To lengthen the time between dry cleanings, vacuum often. Once or twice a year, tumble the panels in the clothes dryer. To avoid removing all the drapery hooks, secure the hem over the hooks with safety pins. Add a dry, all-cotton terry cloth towel and, unless the fabric contains polyester, a fabric softener sheet. Set the dryer on “no heat” or “air fluff” for 30 minutes. Remove and hang the draperies immediately.


For washable curtains, hand wash them, a panel at a time, in sudsy water comfortably hot to the touch. Drain the water as soon as it turns dirty; then rinse. Wash and rinse again. Hang to dry; touch up with an iron if needed.


  •  Keep window shades clean by vacuuming them often. To remove stains from pleated and cellular pleated shades, lightly sponge them with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper way to remove stains from other types of shades.


  • Clean blinds by dusting them with a clean, soft cloth or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment. To clean clean both surfaces, go over blinds with the slats tilted up and then down, but not completely closed.


To keep stained wood blinds in good condition, dab wood furniture oil on the cloth when you dust. Metal, vinyl, and PVC blinds can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent; wipe dry immediately to prevent spotting. Vinyl mini-blinds can be immersed in the bathtub, but dunking metal blinds can cause rusting.


To avoid scratching polycarbonate plastic blinds, use a very soft cloth and an extremely diluted, mild detergent or a cleaner recommended for computer screens.


To train draperies, open the panels completely and, with your fingers, smooth the fabric into pleats or folds. Tie in place with soft fabric strips. After a few days, remove the ties.


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Broadway Window Treatments - Helpful Information
Care and Cleaning Tips for Window Treatments.
Care and Cleaning Tips for Window Treatments.